Hanson Detail Greatest Hits Album

By Abby Hassler

Hanson announced the upcoming release of their 25th anniversary Middle Of Everywhere – The Greatest Hits album. The record is a comprehensive collection from the band’s six major studio albums and will arrive Sept. 8.

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“This album and the extensive world tour are really exciting for us, because it’s the first time we’ve assembled a true career-spanning collection in one product, or one concert,” guitarist Isaac Hanson explained.

The record will also include a new single “I Was Born.” Keyboardist and middle brother, Taylor Hanson, remarked, “The addition of ‘I Was Born’ to this album is our way of still looking to the future, even as we celebrate where we have been for the last two decades.”

Check out the complete tracklisting below.

1. I Was Born
2. Mmmbop
3. Where’s The Love
4. I Will Come To You
5. Weird
6. A Minute Without You
7. This Time Around
8. If Only
9. Save Me
10. A Song To Sing
11. Penny And Me
12. Lost Without Each Other
13. Underneath
14. Strong Enough To Break
15. Broken Angel
16. Great Divide
17. Been There Before
18. Georgia
19. Go
20. Watch Over Me
21. Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’
22. Give A Little
23. Juliet
24. Get The Girl Back
25. Fired Up
26. Already Home

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