City Officials Cracking Down On Bucket Boys

What do you expect from an area where the average household income is over $300,000?

A new study ranked the top 100 richest cities in the entire country! Guess how many were in they Chicago area!

City officials are cracking down on street performers along Michigan Avenue.

Sure, the bucket boys will still be out there, but the city is looking to limit the hours of when they can perform. Office buildings have been complaining about the bucket boys for awhile.

They’re also looking to nix any Sunday performances altogether.

First the House…..and now The Senate?

Just how many people are investigating possible ties between the Trump Administration and Russia,

Well, at least two! The House and The Senate and each says their investigation will be totally independent of each other.

Better bring an umbrella wherever you go today!

There’s showers and thunderstorms expected all morning and then rain the rest of the day as well!

I guess we’re getting those April Showers a couple of days early!

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